Shannon grew up in an extremely modest Wisconsin home.  Modest being a fancy word for poor.  Nothing came easy.  He worked as a newspaper delivery boy, an array of farm jobs, dishwasher and virtually whatever else he could do to help himself and his family. 

With his wife of now nearly 28 years, very early they took the chance to begin a business in River Falls.  That dream, their dream, would quickly become shared by many.  Their small River Falls business would grow.  It is now an international business with nearly hundreds of employees. 

Shannon is a common sense, highly-motivated, balanced person that cares more about a successful end result than the all too common political rhetoric on display today.  He ran in 2016 for the first time with a focus on jobs and economy.  During his first term serving the community he loves, he authored a bill to eliminate a state tax that directly inhibited business.  He strongly supported education and workforce development and was a voice of reason in a world that seems so unreasonable. 

A proven job creator, Shannon brings a unique perspective and motivation to his civic role.  He's not the typical politician, he is independent and cares more about positive community results than holding an office.  He remains ultra-active in the community and has two sons, four grandchildren that live right here in our backyard.

Shannon asks for your support and active engagement.  Tell your co-workers, friends and family that a new breed of problem solver wants to continue on in Madison for you.

Support Shannon Zimmerman for State Representative!