Looking back now, it was the greatest of times and the scariest of times.  The late 1980's.  We were small town kids growing up in Augusta, WI.  Life was perfect in virtually every possible way.  This was the classic Wisconsin small town, where everyone knows everything about you.  I met the most perfect girl and maybe it was crazy, but I was crazy about her from the start.

Not planned, not appropriate and maybe not right by some, but at 17 we learned we were about to be parents.  A time that I will never forget.  A million thoughts, fears and concerns race through your mind.  What should we do?  The options were obvious, but so was our choice.  Life.

Together, my wife now of 27 years Angel, we would choose life and inform our parents of our situation.  A life changer.  To say it was tough may be an understatement.  Quickly you are written off, condemned and thought to be a statistic.  That is not who we would be.

That courageous girl and I would welcome a wonderful son, Josh.  We would find a way to get by, finish school, grow our family and go on to build a business in Wisconsin.  The utterly improbable, just became probable.  

This is not in any way meant to promote teenage pregnancy.  The hardships I would not wish on anyone.  It is meant to share a real story about our lives.  Meant to help you understand me.  It is imperfect and likely judged negatively by many.  However, for us, our decision led to the images of some beautiful, amazing and exceptional little girls.  Josh and his wife Mandy have three fantastic girls.  Taylor, Addalyn and Harper. 

These Dairy Queen loving fools are the center of our world.  Looking back now, I never really appreciated the weight of our decision.  I give praise to God and am so glad we chose LIFE and now enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Rather than someone else telling our story, we opted to tell it ourselves here.  We are not ashamed, we are proud.  God bless family and life!