August 11, 2016

For Immediate Release

Lori Bechtel


Shannon Zimmerman

Jobs and a Strong Western Wisconsin Economy to be Focus of Zimmerman Campaign

Wins GOP Primary after Positive Race for State Assembly Seat

River Falls, WI - Shannon Zimmerman, local entrepreneur and first time candidate for public office secured the Republican nomination for District 30 State Assembly with a victory in the primary held Tuesday, August 9.

That evening, Zimmerman spoke with his primary opponent Paul Berning. Zimmerman and Berning congratulated each other on a well-run and positive campaign and agreed on working together for the November 8th general election.

Zimmerman stated, “Thank you to Paul Berning for a hard fought, positive campaign based on the issues. The public is served when good people like Paul run.”

Zimmerman went on to thank all those that helped contribute to the successful primary campaign.

“Words cannot do justice to the appreciation I feel today for the many who helped us win and be the representative for our party,” Zimmerman said. “To my family, volunteers, supporters in all forms, and every person that took the time to cast their vote, thank you.”

Zimmerman continued.

“Now we move on to November. This campaign is been about jobs and strengthening our Western Wisconsin economy, the issues that I believe are important to the families of the St. Croix Valley,” Zimmerman said. “I will focus on ways in which we can boost the middle class and develop great talent and careers here in our hometowns of Hudson, River Falls and throughout all of Western Wisconsin.  We can create innovative partnerships between business and education, and we will protect our values and resources.”

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