The words 'THANK YOU' do not do justice to the appreciation I feel today for the many who helped me advance to the general election in November and be the representative for our party. A more formal and eloquent statement will come later, but I felt it important to share a few thoughts this morning. First, I have the highest respect and appreciation for Paul with what I think we both would agree was a very intense race. He is an exceptional asset to the party and a great person. To my family, volunteers, supporters in all forms, thank you!! My focus will now shift to harnessing the power of this party and unifying ourselves as we march to November. Last, but not least, to every person that took the time to cast their vote, thank you!!! I've said it many times in my life, I still believe one person can make a difference in this world. With each of your votes, you did that. God bless and have a great day!