The national political landscape has been a bit of theater this year.  Step back and consider the overall mood of Americans based on the manner in which the primary has played out.  Americans are upset and want change.  They want no BS, get it done results.  Life-long politicians and those more in love with being in government than doing their job in government are just what Americans want to see removed.

So why me?  I am proven, tested and experienced.  I've no aspirations or love affairs with being a politician for the sake of being one.  Rather, I feel compelled to make good, common sense decisions and bring a strong entrepreneurial mindset to Madison.  I started a business from my living room at age 26.  Scared, but burning with the idea that I can live the American dream.  Nearly twenty years later, I am blessed to say that I have built one of the areas largest employers and my motivation is to secure and protect the future of all those that have worked by my side and live here in the St Croix Valley.

The future of our great area is in a state of change and it will take both vision and experience to be certain we build the great tomorrow we all dream of.  I will work to bring great jobs, from strong industries and rethink how our educational centers integrate with business.  Education is vital to our future, but it must be recognized for what it really is, a readiness for employment.  So let's innovate and bring benefits to both those in education and those in business.

We in the St Croix Valley are powerful and we need our voice heard in Madison.  Relentlessly I have found success in business and will do the same for you in Madison.  God bless!