Not your typical politician...

Not your typical politician...

Shannon grew up in an extremely modest Wisconsin home.  Modest being a fancy word for poor.  Nothing came easy.  He worked as a newspaper delivery boy, an array of farm jobs, dishwasher and virtually whatever else he could do to help himself and his family. 

With his wife of now nearly 28 years, very early they took the chance to begin a business in River Falls.  That dream, their dream, would quickly become shared by many.  Their small River Falls business would grow.  It is now an international business with nearly hundreds of employees. 

Shannon is a common sense, highly-motivated, balanced person that cares more about a successful end result than the all too common political rhetoric on display today.  He ran in 2016 for the first time with a focus on jobs and economy.  During his first term serving the community he loves, he authored a bill to eliminate a state tax that directly inhibited business.  He strongly supported education and workforce development and was a voice of reason in a world that seems so unreasonable. 

A proven job creator, Shannon brings a unique perspective and motivation to his civic role.  He's not the typical politician, he is independent and cares more about positive community results than holding an office.  He remains ultra-active in the community and has two sons, four grandchildren that live right here in our backyard.

Shannon asks for your support and active engagement.  Tell your co-workers, friends and family that a new breed of problem solver wants to continue on in Madison for you.

Support Shannon Zimmerman for State Representative!


Our story of 'life'.

Our story of 'life'.

Looking back now, it was the greatest of times and the scariest of times.  The late 1980's.  We were small town kids growing up in Augusta, WI.  Life was perfect in virtually every possible way.  This was the classic Wisconsin small town, where everyone knows everything about you.  I met the most perfect girl and maybe it was crazy, but I was crazy about her from the start.

Not planned, not appropriate and maybe not right by some, but at 17 we learned we were about to be parents.  A time that I will never forget.  A million thoughts, fears and concerns race through your mind.  What should we do?  The options were obvious, but so was our choice.  Life.

Together, my wife now of 27 years Angel, we would choose life and inform our parents of our situation.  A life changer.  To say it was tough may be an understatement.  Quickly you are written off, condemned and thought to be a statistic.  That is not who we would be.

That courageous girl and I would welcome a wonderful son, Josh.  We would find a way to get by, finish school, grow our family and go on to build a business in Wisconsin.  The utterly improbable, just became probable.  

This is not in any way meant to promote teenage pregnancy.  The hardships I would not wish on anyone.  It is meant to share a real story about our lives.  Meant to help you understand me.  It is imperfect and likely judged negatively by many.  However, for us, our decision led to the images of some beautiful, amazing and exceptional little girls.  Josh and his wife Mandy have three fantastic girls.  Taylor, Addalyn and Harper. 

These Dairy Queen loving fools are the center of our world.  Looking back now, I never really appreciated the weight of our decision.  I give praise to God and am so glad we chose LIFE and now enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Rather than someone else telling our story, we opted to tell it ourselves here.  We are not ashamed, we are proud.  God bless family and life! 

River Falls Listening Session Scheduled

River Falls Listening Session Scheduled

Community members are welcome to participate in an upcoming listening session being hosted at the River Falls City Hall, 222 North Lewis Street, River Falls.  This session is meant to provide local residents an opportunity to share thoughts and views with Representative-elect Shannon Zimmerman.

Event details:

December 28, 2016. 5pm-6pm

River Falls City Hall, Council Chambers (lower level)

State Representative Knudson endorses Zimmerman

State Representative Knudson endorses Zimmerman

Retiring Representative Dean Knudson Endorses Shannon Zimmerman for the 30th Assembly District


Hudson, WI – October 14th, 2016, Representative Dean Knudson (R-Hudson) endorsed Shannon Zimmerman, candidate for the 30th Assembly District. Knudson is not seeking re-election this November but has represented the 30th Assembly District for the last six years. Knudson pointed to Zimmerman’s business experience, leadership qualities, and involvement in his local community as important qualities for a State Representative. He also viewed Zimmerman’s support of the Second Amendment, dedication to local education, and commitment to job growth as reasons for supporting Zimmerman.


“As a local business leader who is active in the community, Shannon Zimmerman knows exactly what it takes to create jobs and drive economic growth,” stated Knudson. “I am confident that Shannon is the right person to represent the 30th Assembly District and I know he will fight for the interests of the St. Croix Valley in Madison.”


Shannon Zimmerman is a local entrepreneur who has started multiple successful businesses in River Falls, notably Sajan Inc., and Belle Vinez, a family operated winery. Zimmerman and his wife, Angel, are also long-time residents of the area. Shannon’s campaign seeks to expand economic development opportunities in the area, create partnerships between local business and education, and continue the fight for lower taxes.


“I am honored to have been endorsed by Representative Knudson,” stated Zimmerman. “Dean has been an outstanding advocate for the St. Croix Valley during his tenure in Madison and I look forward to continuing the great work he has done.”


Rep. Knudson, who will retire in January 2017, has served the 30th Assembly District for over a half-decade. He is the Vice-Chair of the Committee for Review of Administrative Rules and is a member of the Joint Committee on Finance and the Committee on Education.



Zimmerman earns Republican nomination!


August 11, 2016

For Immediate Release

Lori Bechtel


Shannon Zimmerman

Jobs and a Strong Western Wisconsin Economy to be Focus of Zimmerman Campaign

Wins GOP Primary after Positive Race for State Assembly Seat

River Falls, WI - Shannon Zimmerman, local entrepreneur and first time candidate for public office secured the Republican nomination for District 30 State Assembly with a victory in the primary held Tuesday, August 9.

That evening, Zimmerman spoke with his primary opponent Paul Berning. Zimmerman and Berning congratulated each other on a well-run and positive campaign and agreed on working together for the November 8th general election.

Zimmerman stated, “Thank you to Paul Berning for a hard fought, positive campaign based on the issues. The public is served when good people like Paul run.”

Zimmerman went on to thank all those that helped contribute to the successful primary campaign.

“Words cannot do justice to the appreciation I feel today for the many who helped us win and be the representative for our party,” Zimmerman said. “To my family, volunteers, supporters in all forms, and every person that took the time to cast their vote, thank you.”

Zimmerman continued.

“Now we move on to November. This campaign is been about jobs and strengthening our Western Wisconsin economy, the issues that I believe are important to the families of the St. Croix Valley,” Zimmerman said. “I will focus on ways in which we can boost the middle class and develop great talent and careers here in our hometowns of Hudson, River Falls and throughout all of Western Wisconsin.  We can create innovative partnerships between business and education, and we will protect our values and resources.”

For more information on Zimmerman’s vision for the St. Croix Valley and the State of Wisconsin, visit

Paid for by Zimmerman for Wisconsin, Lori Bechtel, Treasurer.









Thank You!

The words 'THANK YOU' do not do justice to the appreciation I feel today for the many who helped me advance to the general election in November and be the representative for our party. A more formal and eloquent statement will come later, but I felt it important to share a few thoughts this morning. First, I have the highest respect and appreciation for Paul with what I think we both would agree was a very intense race. He is an exceptional asset to the party and a great person. To my family, volunteers, supporters in all forms, thank you!! My focus will now shift to harnessing the power of this party and unifying ourselves as we march to November. Last, but not least, to every person that took the time to cast their vote, thank you!!! I've said it many times in my life, I still believe one person can make a difference in this world. With each of your votes, you did that. God bless and have a great day!

NRA "A" Rating

NRA "A" Rating

I learned earlier today that I have received an "A" rating from the NRA. I am proud to support the Second Amendment and receive this rating from the NRA. To view the NRA ratings for all candidates in Wisconsin, visit

Today I also participated in a District 30 Republican candidate forum on Wisconsin Public Radio. I encourage you to listen to the archive of the show available at

Tomorrow we will be three weeks out from the partisan primary on August 9th. Your support is more critical than ever. Working together we can enhance our economy, rethink how education and business work together, and protect our values and resources.


Endorsement from Wisconsin Right to Life

I am honored to have received the following endorsement from Wisconsin Right to Life:

Dear Shannon,

I am extremely pleased to inform you that the Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee has enthusiastically endorsed your candidacy for election to the State Assembly.

We deeply appreciate your strong support of legislative measures that would build a culture of life in Wisconsin, and your opposition to measures that would demean human life. We believe your election would greatly contribute to the building of a culture of life in Wisconsin, so that all human life is welcomed and protected.

On behalf of the members and supporters of Wisconsin Right to Life, I extend to you our heartfelt thanks for your strong commitment to the protection of our most vulnerable members of the human family.


Chelsea Shields
Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee Director

Where, When, and How Do I Vote?

I’m glad you asked as I need your support in the Partisan Primary on August 9.

I recommend visiting My Vote Wisconsin. This helpful website provides information on how to register to vote, your polling location, how you can request and complete an absentee ballot, and much more.

Here are some helpful dates to keep in mind to make sure you are eligible to vote and that your vote is counted:

·         June 23 – Absentee Ballots Available from City Clerk Offices

·         July 20 – Mail in Voter Registration Deadline

·         July 25 – In-person Early Voting Period Begins (at your city clerk’s office)

·         August 4 – In-person Voter Registration Deadline

·         August 4 – Last day to Request an Absentee Ballot by Mail

·         August 5 – In-person Early Voting Period Ends

·         August 9 – Partisan Primary

·         August 9 – Last Day Absentee Ballots May be Postmarked

Remember that you must bring a valid photo ID to your polling place on August 9.

Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information on how to make your voice heard on August 9!

Why me?

The national political landscape has been a bit of theater this year.  Step back and consider the overall mood of Americans based on the manner in which the primary has played out.  Americans are upset and want change.  They want no BS, get it done results.  Life-long politicians and those more in love with being in government than doing their job in government are just what Americans want to see removed.

So why me?  I am proven, tested and experienced.  I've no aspirations or love affairs with being a politician for the sake of being one.  Rather, I feel compelled to make good, common sense decisions and bring a strong entrepreneurial mindset to Madison.  I started a business from my living room at age 26.  Scared, but burning with the idea that I can live the American dream.  Nearly twenty years later, I am blessed to say that I have built one of the areas largest employers and my motivation is to secure and protect the future of all those that have worked by my side and live here in the St Croix Valley.

The future of our great area is in a state of change and it will take both vision and experience to be certain we build the great tomorrow we all dream of.  I will work to bring great jobs, from strong industries and rethink how our educational centers integrate with business.  Education is vital to our future, but it must be recognized for what it really is, a readiness for employment.  So let's innovate and bring benefits to both those in education and those in business.

We in the St Croix Valley are powerful and we need our voice heard in Madison.  Relentlessly I have found success in business and will do the same for you in Madison.  God bless!